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1527 S Atlanta Ave
Tulsa, OK, 74104
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Penny Laine Photography focuses on capturing photos of people.  We photography families, kids, engaged couples, materity, and other lifestyle photos in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

Graham's Baby Annoucement! {Tulsa Baby Announcement} {Tulsa Maternity Photographer} {Centennial Park}


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Graham's Baby Annoucement! {Tulsa Baby Announcement} {Tulsa Maternity Photographer} {Centennial Park}

Dana Lichtenwalter

It's been awhile since I've blogged and I have a lot of catching up to do!  On August 25th, my wonderful friends, Jesse and Ellen, announced their big news to the world!  I met Jesse and Ellen about a year ago through a LifeGroup that David and I joined.  More than just LifeGroup, these two are our friends.  In just a short 11ish months, we've eaten dinners, boys have played golf and played with guns (I know, sounds scary... but you haven't seen how much Jesse knows about them!), gone boatin', and laughed a lot.   I can't tell you how blessed we are to have these new friends in our lives and to get to "do life" with them each week.  

I'm thrilled to watch them take take this next step in their life.  At the time of the baby announcement, the gender was unknown...however several weeks have passed and they recently announced that a baby girl will be apart of their family.  I'm sure their pups, Maui and Fiji, are going to be thrilled to have a new baby to protect in the house.

Ellen is a driven engineer and Jesse serves our county working full-time in the Army National Guard.  Both of them are filled with so much love for Jesus... I get to see it in their marriage and I'm excited to see how these two influence their new baby's life  and share the love of Jesus.  

Thank you Jesse and Ellen for allowing me to take your baby announcement photos.  You have been a blessing in David and I's life and I can't wait for our new little LifeGroup member to join in March 2015!

"For this child I have prayed and you have granted me my request" Samuel 1:27