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Penny Laine Photography focuses on capturing photos of people.  We photography families, kids, engaged couples, materity, and other lifestyle photos in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

Amalia and Cody's Wedding Day {Tulsa Wedding Photography} {Tulsa Weddings} {Bristow Weddings} {Tulsa Wedding Photographer}


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Amalia and Cody's Wedding Day {Tulsa Wedding Photography} {Tulsa Weddings} {Bristow Weddings} {Tulsa Wedding Photographer}

Dana Lichtenwalter

One of my sweetest friends from college got married this past May and I was extremely honored to shoot her wedding.  Amalia met Cody while in college at Oklahoma State University.  Both from small towns in Oklahoma, they each moved off to two different Kansas towns as they started their career.  After getting engaged, Amalia packed up and moved to be closer to her soon to be husband!  

Amalia and Cody had a sweet country wedding in Bristow, Oklahoma.  The wedding was filled lots of traditions and represented the couple perfectly.  The ceremony began with the sound of the bagpipes, a touch of scottish heritage from Cody's family.  After a traditional wedding ceremony, the couple held a receiving line which seems like a tradition that gets lost in a lot of weddings these days.  As a photographer, I loved watching the expressions of all of the guests as they greeted the newlyweds, their family, and the wedding party.  

After the wedding, the wedding party loaded up in a horse drawn carriage and rode to the reception (also accompanied by the sound of bagpipes).  

The reception was full of good food, dancing, and a traditional wedding march.  Amalia's aunt and uncle led all guests in a traditional wedding march where guest partnered up and formed a line while marching in and outside the building.  After the March, Amalia surprised Cody and sang a beautiful song while the guests circled around.

The DJ played music reflective of both Cody and Amalia... I personally liked all of the Johnny Cash that was played :)  Another sweet moment of the afternoon was when Amalia's grandmother gave her a quilt that she had made just for her!  

After every was danced out, we sent the bride and groom off on their honeymoon (but not without showering them with bubbles and wheat).

Amalia and Cody, your wedding day was perfect and I thank you so much for letting me be apart of it.